How to Make the Garage Door Storm Resistant

Your garage door is your pride and joy, your convenient entry point, your sunshine until a storm pays you a visit. Then, it may become a liability. Suddenly, the integrity of the entire house highly depends on the resistance of the garage door. Read More

The Advantage of DC Garage Door Openers

When it comes to electric garage door openers, it’s all about the motor. Yes, you still have to choose the drive system, if we are talking about overhead door openers and not wall mount models. But at the end of the day, the motor is the component that makes all the difference. Read More

Garage Door Remote or Keypad?

Say, you were given the choice of getting either a garage door remote or keypad! Which one would you choose? Which method would you find more convenient for getting access to your electric garage door – hence, your home? Read More

Why Garage Door Curb Appeal Matters?

By occupying a large space of each home’s façade, garage doors cannot help but influencing the curb appeal. The garage door curb appeal will play a big role in the home’s curb appeal. Read More

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