How Much Do You Know about Hurricane Garage Doors?

Let’s talk basics first. When it comes to hurricane-prone areas, rated-to-resist garage doors will make all the difference between keeping or losing your home. Even if we are talking about storms, a wind-rated garage door will keep the home intact or keep damage to the minimum compared to a standard non-hurricane-resistant door that will be at the mercy of the winds. Read More

There Is Rust on My Garage Door – What Should I Do?

Rusty garage doors are not just an eye-sore but the one-way road to complete damage. It makes sense to say that the earlier you notice rust on the garage door, the better. This way, you will have the chance to treat the problem before it gets out of hand. Read More

Best Garage Door Styles for Traditional Homes

There’s an abundance of traditional garage door designs on the market today, and there’s a reason for that – maybe two. For starters, most homes in the USA are traditional. Then, the traditional home style is a mix of many styles that prevailed through history. Read More

Impact Garage Doors that Won’t Impact Your Curb Appeal

When we think of impact-rated garage doors, only technical things come to mind – anything from braces and wind loads to tracks. And this thought mistakenly lead us to believe that such garage doors lack interest and beauty, while the truth is completely different. Read More

The Hidden Costs of DIY Garage Door Repair

Attempting to fix the garage door yourself is tempting. No doubt. The problem is right there, in front of you, starring at you, screaming for your care. Will you fall for it or will you call the troops? Read More

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