When it comes to electric garage door openers, it’s all about the motor. Yes, you still have to choose the drive system, if we are talking about overhead door openers and not wall mount models. But at the end of the day, the motor is the component that makes all the difference.

Say hello to new technology, say good-morning to DC motorized garage door openers.

What is a DC garage door opener?

DC Garage Door OpenersIt has to do with the way it is powered. Such openers transform the AC to DC power, whereas AC stands for Alternating Current and DC stands for Direct Current.

What’s the main difference between AC & DC openers?

So far, we knew openers running with an AC garage door motor and we only had to choose the horsepower. Now, we have two motor choices, DC and AC. And while AC openers are quite strong, long lasting and require minimum maintenance, DC models have gained enormously in popularity.

So, you likely assume the obvious at this point. If DC openers have dominated the market and exceeded in sales their AC counterparts, they are at least as good as AC openers. And they are. After all, the only headache you get when you are trying to select a garage door opener replacement is figuring out the horsepower of the DC motor.

With AC motors, this was easy. Most residential garage doors would work fine with a ½ hp motor. Heavier doors would require 1 hp or even more. So, people – up to now, knew that they only had to find the right hp for their garage door and that was it.

With DC motors, things are different. Consumers see a HPC (horsepower comparable) or HPS (horsepower similar) abbreviation label on the DC opener denoting the horsepower equivalence with AC motors. But with a little help by a garage door company, that headache is gone too. And then, you open the door to a whole new era of perks, only.

The advantages of DC garage door motors

The short version? DC openers are new technology-friendly, versatile, useful, powerful. There’s a list, if you are interested in taking a closer look.

  • garage door motorsVersatile, how? Because they can speed up and slow down the garage door opening and closing cycle and apart from supporting a soft-start-and-stop system, they also go gentle on the parts. They don’t put any strain on the overhead door and its parts and so, everything lasts much longer.
  • Then, you save energy. DC motors consume much less energy than AC motors.
  • DC openers are quiet. While the typical AC chain drive garage door openers are notorious for their noise, the DC chain drive openers make less noise.
  • One of their greatest advantage is that they support all technological marvels – from the simplest battery backup system and the soft start/stop feature to internet connectivity. So, if you were planning to get a smart garage door opener, know that it will run with a DC motor.
  • They work tirelessly without getting overheated, without getting affected by extreme temperatures. They are durable, resistant, long-lasting, and need minimum maintenance.
  • DC motors are small in size. This is a good thing if you consider that the opener box is likely smaller too. Or there’s more room in it to fit other components as well.

Admit it. There are only advantages. And so, it’s easy to understand why they have become the dominant choice on the market. Wouldn’t you get a DC garage door opener if it was time?

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