All You Must Know about Garage Door Hinges

The panels of sectional garage doors bend and turn as they move upwards and over your vehicle thanks to the hinges. These are the tiny garage door parts no one really notices but everybody needs to operate the door. They connect the panels of sectional doors together but also each panel with the rollers. And although garage door hinges look similar, they are not all the same but they are all very important. So here are a few things you need to know about hinges.

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Which Signs Scream for Garage Door Replacement

It’s often hard to tell whether garage doors scream to get some care or need replacement. One common territory here is that they will make their presence noticeable no matter how hard you are trying to overlook some tiny problems here and there or ignore noises. Of course, you don’t need to jump into conclusions every time the overhead garage door won’t close well or the springs break. Read More

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