By occupying a large space of each home’s façade, garage doors cannot help but influencing the curb appeal. The garage door curb appeal will play a big role in the home’s curb appeal. There is no denying that a beautiful walkway, neat windows and doors, the condition of the roof, and all elements that make up the façade of the home will affect its curb appeal. But a broken garage door will show from far away and won’t only break the appeal but also become a danger.

garage door3 reasons why the garage door appeal matters

The beauty of your garage door will not only make you happy, but put you in a position to sell higher tomorrow and get a higher return on your investment. On top of that, a good looking and stable garage door will also complement your property and keep you safe. Let’s see some details.

Increases home value

Whether you plan to get a garage door replacement or make upgrades, most of the money you will spend will come back to you if you sell the house. Trying to sell a house with a safe and beautiful garage door that improves the curb appeal is not difficult. When it comes to that, potential buyers appreciate two things: the impressive garage door and the attractive curb appeal. And these two go hand in hand.

Completes & enhances the home style

Today, there are enough garage door designs to meet the styles of all homes. In order to enhance the curb appeal, it’s vital to invest in a garage door that complements the existing home architectural style. If you own a Victorian home, a sleek garage door will feel out of place. And vice versa. A carriage house garage door will not be the most suitable solution for a contemporary home. So if you are planning to get a new garage door, mix and match its personality with the character of your house to get the best results.

Properly maintained garage doors

Think about it. If your overhead garage door is not maintained right or regularly, it won’t only create problems but look bad too. If it starts sagging to the side, fails to close down, or only opens half way up, it won’t only make your life hard but will diminish the beauty of your home.

How to increase the garage door curb appeal

  • Upgrading

You can upgrade an old garage door to refresh its original look by using modern methods and elements. Your goal is to enhance texture, beauty, performance, and style by repainting, replacing old parts, installing a new opener, or adding new hardware.

  • Adding decorations

This is an excellent idea whether you own a carriage or flush garage door. You can enhance the character of traditional garage door styles with extra trims or make a plain design more interesting by using one or two decorative elements.

  • Changing the color

paintingAs long as the garage door is in good shape, you can change its looks just by painting it a new color. It’s important that the color blends beautifully with the rest of the hues at the home’s façade in order to make an impression.

  • Accessorizing

Make the façade of the house more welcoming and appealing by placing lights and plants at the two sides of the garage door.

  • Replacing the garage door

If the existing garage door is not worth fixing or upgrading, the only way to increase curb appeal is by having it replaced. As long as you get a design that will match the style of your home, the garage door will increase the curb appeal.

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