By definition, glass garage doors are contemporary whereas wood garage doors are traditional. But when we talk about the garage door style, the material is the backdrop. It’s the basis. Even a traditional wooden overhead door would seem super-modern if painted and decorated accordingly. Of course, if you let the natural grain become the decoration, the style cannot exceed the limits of classic.

Clearly, it’s hard to set the rules when it comes to garage door styles. A garage door can so easily be transformed with a few design elements and a fresh coating that’s it is not fair to put labels – at least not in regard to the material.

With that said, let’s focus on what really influences the style of garage doors.

The garage door design & hardware

garage door designsThe garage door design has to do with the panel. You are surely familiar with most designs. Let me refresh your memory.

  • Carriage house garage doors
  • Raised panel garage doors
  • Flush garage doors
  • Craftsman garage doors
  • Contemporary glass doors
  • Barn style garage doors

These are some of the main categories of garage door styles, as far as their design is concerned. Naturally, contemporary garage doors are not distinguished only by the material but also by the clean lines, whereas more traditional (farm-style) designs stand out due to the decorative beams, the traditional hardware.

The more intricate the design, the more traditional it becomes – small recessed panels, repeated motifs. A traditional garage door without busy patterns becomes classic.

The garage door color

The garage door color always sets the tone of the style. It’s actually one of the most important elements for the style. Who would ever name a wood garage door contemporary, unless it is stripped from all decorative elements that define traditional doors? And then again, it will still depend on the wood shade, with really dark or really light shades setting the tone of modern.

There’s also the weathered style. And we are not talking only about whitewashed garage doors, but also about wood doors that have been treated to look old and weathered. Such doors give a vintage feeling and are considered modern, although their style may be traditional.

The garage door windows configuration

garage door stylesWindows are such a norm with garage doors that ended up making the style a bit traditional. The good news is that today the options among garage door window configurations are plenty and so are the window shapes, sizes, and designs. While a garage door with a row of windows at the top panel will give the impression of traditionalism, a garage door with a narrow vertical window on the side will be entirely contemporary.

The design elements of the surroundings

It’s important to remember that the garage door – although stands on its own, especially due to its large size, is part of a whole. It’s a part of the house’s façade and so, its traditional or modern style may swing depending on the overall home style – the style and color of the front door, windows, trims, shutters, external walls.

And then, the garage door style is shaped by its immediate surrounding area. Having an awning or a couple of modern exterior lights on the two sides of the door will set the tone of elegance too.

How to set your own garage door style?

It’s clear that it’s the combination of things that defines the garage door style – its color, panel pattern, the design of the hardware, the overall aesthetics of the surroundings. So, don’t let the strict labels of garage door designs imprison your imagination. Think out of the box by taking all that in, and you will see. You’ll have the garage door style you so want.

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