Panel design is what makes residential garage doors unique. And that’s what you want for your home. No homeowner will ever compromise quality construction but who wouldn’t pay attention to style? After all, garage doors are installed at the front yard and occupy so much space that it’s only rational not to overlook such details. It’s no secret that there are several garage door styles. And so when it’s time to choose for your home, consider the flush style. Flush panel garage doors have grown in popularity because although they are contemporary, they are an excellent choice for even traditional homes. And this is not the only reason for choosing them.


It can’t get more sophisticated than flush garage doors

Flush panel doors are flat. They don’t have recessed or raised panels.Flush-Panel They are the simplest design available and yet so chic and inviting. And there are variations. They might be free of stiles and just feature single long panels or might consist of several flat panels. Either way, they make their presence discreet by making a statement without screaming. Their simple and elegant look makes them ideal for contemporary homes. But since they don’t scream their presence and leave all other structural elements do the talking, they will look good in any home style.


Easy flush garage door maintenance

You can get steel or wood garage doors and so the maintenance requirements will vary. But the flush panel types will make your work so much easier. Since there are no raised or recessed parts but only flat panels, cleaning and taking care of your doors becomes easier and faster.


Flush panel doors are still strong and insulated

Flush garage doors are constructed in different ways. You can get a simple door or order an insulated one. Its construction has nothing to do with its style. And so you don’t have to worry about its durability, wind resistance, and features. Flush doors are still made in accordance with all innovative features and so their strength and longevity will not be an issue. In other words, you won’t compromise quality over beauty.


Choose style upon style

Flush styles often lack garage door windows. But if you love the idea of  having windows, you can find them in different styles too. They might be simple, arched, or trimmed.

And the flush garage door designs might include overlay styles too. That’s when the panel is trimmed with extra strips of wood or metal to provide texture and thus add depth.

And then, you have tons of options between colors. No need to settle with white or wood tones. But this will depend on your home’s style. Brownish hues are best in traditional homes. Contemporary ones can pick from a number of hues from the coloring palette.


Choose the right flush garage door size

Before flush garage door installation, you should consider sizes. Not all garages are the same and neither are your needs. The good news is that you can find the standard residential flush garage door sizes on the market but you can also have them custom made.

With plenty of designs, color options, and still the assurance of strength, flush doors have been righteously considered top choices for all residences. So do consider this style for your garage door replacement projects. These doors are never out of place no matter your home style.

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