What one-piece and sectional doors have in common is that they are both garage doors. Okay, this might be a little be overstretched but we are trying to make a point here. They are actually two different types of doors. They are both broadly used and people – for one reason or another – prefer one of the two. The question here is not if one type of the door is better than the other. After all, this has to do with the available space at each property and one’s personal preferences. The main point is to make clear of their differences in case you are interested in investing in either one-piece or sectional garage door installation.


What makes garage door types different?

We are often talking about different garage door types based on how each door opens. So, when talking about one-piece and sectional doors, we must put an emphasis on that. And the way these two doors open is subject to the way they are constructed.

As their name implies, one-piece doors consist of a single panel comparedgaragedoorremote to overhead garage doors, which have different sections hinged together. So, they open differently by definition. While overhead doors move upwards and due to the flexibility of their separate (and hinged) panels follow the route along the ceiling and all the way back to the rear wall of the garage, one-piece doors lack this flexibility. These doors will still take a position parallel to the ceiling. But when they start moving, they must move outwards first and then go up. What this means is that they need some space outdoors – and you can’t park the car too close to the garage door.


The advantages & disadvantages of one-piece & sectional doors

The good thing with one-piece doors is that you don’t have to worry about the hinges. With fewer parts, garage door maintenance costs are limited. Since the door moves a bit differently, it can be considered a bit safer than the overhead door, which will slam down if there is a problem with the springs or other parts.

garage-doors-repairOn the other hand, overhead doors hardly need any space. So, they fit well in most garages and that’s the reason why they are more popular. Since they are popular, they come out in many more styles and you can find garage door repair parts easier.

As far as the prices are concerned, both types of doors cost more or less the same. It will depend on the material and many more factors.

Another advantage of overhead doors is that they can mimic the traditional carriage doors. They might look like hinged doors but will open upwards.

And since it seems that the advantages of overhead doors outnumber the advantages of one-piece doors, let us just add that problems are solved easier with sectional doors. One common problem is panel damage. You back and hit the door. With one-piece door, you just pray that the dent will be fixed and the door will close well. If the problem is not fixed with sectional doors, you can simply replace the damaged panel.

These are the basic and not all the differences between sectional and one-piece doors, but you can draw your conclusions.

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