More often than not, you hear friends dreaming of buying wood garage doors but they finally get doors made of steel! Let us assure you that there is nothing wrong with wood doors. But when it comes to garage door materials, one thing is certain: one size doesn’t fit all. There is a lot to take into consideration before you start looking for new doors. For example, you cannot ignore:

  • Your budget
  • Whether or not privacy is an issue
  • The weather conditions in your region
  • Any personal needs
  • The architectural style of your home

Why? Let’s explain.

  • Garage door prices are not affected only by the material you choose but also by the door’s size, brand, style, type, and opener. Still, each material is priced differently and you cannot ignore this factor if you are on-budget.
  • If privacy is an issue, you might think twice before including garage door windows. As far as glass doors are concerned, you can still consider this option since glass options range from laminate to milk glass.
  • If there is high humidity in your area, wood doors are hardly a good choice. In such cases, you need more resistant doors, like glass or stainless steel garage doors. If by any chance you live in a hurricane prone area, you will want sturdy materials like steel.
  • Your personal needs have to do with the aesthetics, security, and privacy. So, choosing a clear glass garage door when you want enhanced privacy is not a good idea. Additionally, if you want an energy efficient door, it’s best to stick with metal options.
  • Although garage doors are all beautiful these days, some will match best with your architectural style at home. And it’s best to invest in them.

The pros and cons of garage doors

Although you already got the idea of how to choose the right material for your new roll up or overhead garage door, here is a quick overview:

  • Aluminum garage doors are an excellent choice if you want cost-effective solutions. They are beautiful and lightweight but not very durable – at least not as much as steel doors.
  • Now, steel doors are perhaps the best idea for those in search of sturdy, insulated, and long-lasting solutions. You just have to make sure they are made of stainless steel or they will corrode.
  • Most certainly, nothing compares with the elegance of wood doors. Wood is a natural insulator too but won’t provide a high r-value. So, if you don’t care much about energy efficiency, wood doors will be a good idea. But they need more maintenance, cost more than other materials, and might warp or rot.
  • Glass doors are very resistant to humidity and will really make a difference to your home’s appeal. They are sort of expensive though and not recommended when high security is an issue.

One last advice about garage doors

Since most homeowners are ready to invest in a new garage door installation with the intention to improve the curb appeal and thus home value, let us just say this: today all garage doors are beautiful. Naturally, any new door you choose will increase the value of your home. The point is to get a door that will not break the bank and still cover your personal needs. That will be an excellent investment.

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