There are always good explanations why garage doors fail to perform right. But there is not a single reason why an overhead door won’t go up or down. Sometimes, such problems are caused due to spring and opener damage. Often times, parts break. But more often than not, there is a need for garage door adjustment.


When garage door adjustments are needed?

Let’s say there is a tiny gap under your door. That’s often caused when one of the garage door cables is shorter than the other, installed improperly or damaged. If you notice that the door won’t come all the way down or stops before it reaches its full opening position, the door needs adjustments.


As an overall, adjustments are needed when parts are loose, often worn, or repairgaragenot in their ideal position. Take the chain of a garage door opener for instance. Its constant movement might make it loose. This will grow the distance from the rail to the turnbuckle keeping the chain from moving right.


And then there is a need to adjust garage door springs. Don’t forget that one of their job is to balance the door. They do that right for as long as they are tensed. But over time, they lose tension and thus slowly the garage door loses its right balance too.


As you probably know, your electric garage door opener is set to do many jobs. To protect you, open and close the door automatically, provide light etc. Before anything else, it is set to open and close the door all the way. The door must move up to a certain point up and then stop. It should do the same when it comes down. These are also known as travel limit settings.


On top of that, there is force safety system. When you install garage door openers, you set the force needed to make the door reverse should its movement is obstructed either upwards or downwards.


Why adjustments are essential garage door repairs

serviceThere are all sorts of garage door repairs needed here and there. A cable might break. The panel might get damaged. The tracks might get bent. But these are specific problems. When the door starts remaining slightly open or refusing to go all the way up, it’s time for adjustments.


With adjustments, you make sure the torsion and extension springs are tensed and thus the door balanced. With the door balanced, there is no gap between the floor and panel. When the door closes well, you are not faced with security concerns.


Adjustments take care of issues that tend to create serious problems along the way. And don’t forget that when all garage door parts are adjusted and thus the door moves right, opens all the way, and closes down as it should, the system lasts longer. On top of everything else, the door is safe. Sometimes, garage door problems follow the domino effect. Once one part starts causing trouble, the rest will follow.


It’s no wonder why adjustments are always repairs included in regular garage door maintenance services. They make sure the door moves right and thus provides the expected safety and security. Not to mention the convenience.

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