When you plan driveway gate installation, every little decision you make today will impact the gate’s performance tomorrow. From the gate’s type and size to the selection of the right operator and the installation service, everything is important. Driveway gates are installed to enhance security. But they also accentuate the property and must provide convenience. They must open and close right, but also be safe for the users. So here is what to do to have peace of mind.


Start by choosing a suitable driveway gate

sliding gateThere are several types of gates. The most popular ones are swing and sliding gates. Their type defines the way they open. In order to decide which one is best for you, consider the special requirements at your property. Finding the right spot is essential. You might have the space for the gate to either slide or swing open without obstructions. Your car should be able to enter the property with ease so that you will not obstruct traffic when you come in. But you should also have a clear view of the road when you exit.

Make sure you choose the right size gate. Your car must fit to pass through. If this a residential building or commercial property, the gate must cover the entire space of the two vehicular lanes. In such cases, you will also need a pedestrian gate for the safety of those on foot.

When it comes to aesthetics, there are numerous options. But the point is to get a gate to match the architectural style of your property without requiring too much maintenance. Here’s where the material you choose would make a difference. You can get wood or metal gates. Aluminum and stainless steel gates are resistant and thus preferable for high moisture regions.


Selecting the right swing or sliding gate operator is also vital

Safety is always a concern when you choose an electric gate opener. Youelectric-gate need to be sure it meets the UL 325 safety standards. In other words, the operator must have all the necessary safety features for the avoidance of entrapment. Before you get a new opener, consider which gate you are buying. Is it a swing or sliding gate? How big is it? Is it a single or dual paneled swing gate? It’s also vital to check if there is electricity where the new gate will be installed or you will need to install electrical wiring.


Extra tips for the best driveway gate installation

  • Consider local codes before new gate installation. For example, is there a fire code? In case of an emergency, firefighters might have easy access to the property.
  • Check the property for slopes. The gate must open and close properly. You might need to level the ground before installation.
  • Pay attention to the posts. It’s important to install them in the right distance from each other. But it’s also crucial for them to have stable foundations so that they won’t sag.
  • If you get swing gates, prefer installing them to open inwards for the avoidance of traffic problems. But you should make sure there is space in the property (no trees, bushes, or other obstructions in the gate’s way).

Installing a gate is difficult and demands experience so that you won’t put your convenience and safety in jeopardy. It’s best to get in touch with a gate repair company for advice and installation.

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