Have no doubt that the weather conditions affect garage doors. So it’s hard to describe what a storm can do! How many times have you heard people complaining about the effects of heat on their residential garage doors? Or having trouble opening the door due to snow accumulation. And don’t let me get started with the impact of humidity. The conditions weather garage doors & their parts.

Too much exposure to the sun is not good for the garage door opener system. The sun rays play tricks with the photo eyes and leave you wondering why the overhead door won’t close entirely. Cold temperatures might freeze parts. Humidity might cause corrosion. And that’s the last thing you want either for garage door springs or rollers. But what happens when the weather gets too wet? Which are the effects of storms?


Garage door parts might get easily ruined

From garage door tracks and brackets to springs, all parts are in the mercy garage-door-repairof storms. If the garage door is not reinforced, its parts might become damaged. The extent of damage always depends on the velocity and speed of the storm. The fiercer the worse. The force of storm winds is often too high for a simple overhead garage door to withstand it. It’s not accidental that even the fasteners of wind load garage doors are stronger, the tracks are made of low gauge steel, and there is a post placed behind doors. If the brackets and tracks retreat, the springs will break and the storm will enter the garage. It works exactly like the domino effect.


Without impact rated garage doors, there is disaster

Once storms find their way into the garage, nightmares begin. That’s because the pressure differential is intense. The indoor air pressure tries to fight the outside air pressure but it would be an uneven fight between mice and elephants. It’s actually the pressure that will cause structural damage and might bring the home down. The extent of destruction depends on how close the house is to the center of the storm, whether or not this is a wind load door, and how often it is maintained. It makes sense that the farther away you are the better. And wind load doors can resist the force of storm winds.


Storms can damage garage door openers

Storms come with lightning, which finds its way through electronics and takes its toll on electric openers. The circuit board might get burned. The LEDs of the photo eyes might not lit. The garage door remote might not work anymore.

pink-garageIt’s not surprising that there are building codes for garage door replacement products to be properly reinforced in hurricane-prone areas. Even if the hurricane passes away from your home, you will still experience a heavy storm. Wind load doors have been made and tested to withstand impact. They have durable tracks and braces, strong brackets, and resistant frames.

Never forget that double garage doors can collapse easier than single ones due to their size. Even if you cannot replace the existing door, reinforce it with new and strong parts. Of course, it’s always better to invest in impact rated garage door installation if you live in areas prone to storms. The damage can be devastating with unreinforced doors.

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