Options between Commercial Garage Doors

Deciding which commercial garage doors are best for your business is quite tricky. And that’s because the special requirements of your business are as important as the space provided at your property. They are often called commercial doors because they lead straight to your business or working area. And that’s one more reason for investing in durable garage doors, which can provide resistance. Resistance against what? You might ask. Well, they must resist attempted force entry but also the weather and fire. So we come to the conclusion that there are several choices for your commercial property’s garage door installation needs. Read More

Which Garage Door Parts Cause Most Problems

Who is to blame when the garage door doesn’t open? With so many overhead door parts, it’s hard to really point the finger and be sure of your suspicions. What makes things even more complicated is that one problem can be explained in several different ways. So when the door fails to go up, you immediately think that there are garage door opener problems. But are there? How about the springs? Have you thought that broken springs will keep the door on the ground? How about a broken cable or pulley? What about the door having come off the track! Many things can go wrong and make the door noisy or unable to go up.

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The Benefits of Garage Door Maintenance

garage door maintenanceWondering about the benefits of garage door maintenance? We will tell you. But first let us take you back to the day when you first installed your garage door. What was your intention? Surely, you needed a door to cover the big garage opening. But why did you search and ask around? Weren’t you trying to find the best solution in terms of security and resistance? Didn’t you insist of getting a garage door opener with all the required safety features? Read More

How to Choose Garage Doors

garage-doorsWhy is it important to choose the right garage doors? The main reason for devoting time in garage door hunting is your security. It has to do with the quality of the door, its opener, and garage door installation. If the door is not strong enough, the motor is not powerful enough and the installation is not done correctly, you will make your property a great target for thieves. And that’s not what you plan when you are trying to find the right overhead or roll up door for either your home or commercial property. Read More

The Differences between Garage Door Springs

door-springsNot all garage door springs are created equal. Your choice depends on a number of factors, including door type and application, door weight and overall dimensions, and particularities in building structure. No wonder why measuring the springs and taken into consideration the available space at the sides or over the door are both important before garage door spring replacement. Read More

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