As a rule of thumb, it’s not safe to use garage doors after hurricanes before they are thoroughly checked. Don’t forget that such doors are very large and extremely heavy. And damage is not always apparent. Even if your garage door seems to be intact from the storm, some of the parts might be damaged. The flood caused by the storm might have affected the power outlet making the electric system dangerous.

So what we established so far is that you need garage door inspection and possibly repairs after a hurricane or storm. Now, the question is why shouldn’t you check the door alone? Why do you have to hire a garage door company?


4 reasons why you should trust garage door companies for the job

  1. The most important reason why you should trust a garage door service garage Hurricane1technician instead of doing the job yourself is your safety. At first glance, your door might seem okay. But you can never tell what can be wrong with it. If there is a problem, your safety might be at stake. Compared to humans, it’s like internal bleeding. You can’t see the harm. So if the garage door springs are damaged, they might break and hurt you. If the cables snap, the door might injure you.
  2. Then again don’t underestimate the security factor. Even if you manage to open the overhead garage door, you might not be able to close it. There might be a problem with the hinges, rollers, and tracks. As a matter of fact, one of the first parts which gets ruined during hurricanes and fierce storms is the garage door tracks. So you will be left with the door open and in need of emergency service to secure your home.
  3. Another good reason for calling a pro is your lack of garage door repair experience. If you don’t know much about garage doors, their parts, which ones to check and what to do, it’s pointless to engage in such tasks. It might be easy to see that the garage door cable is off the drum. But can you fix it? Don’t forget that the way a certain problem is fixed will determine the overall condition of your door, its performance and your safety. If it’s not fixed right, further damage will be inflicted and thus you might have to replace the garage door.
  4. Remember that professional garage door companies are equipped and experienced. They deal with problems every day. They know which parts are mostly affected by hurricanes and get their team together to respond quickly after such disasters. They will provide you with the right garage door parts and fix the problem right so that your door will operate properly and safely.

There is no reason to exhaust yourself trying to find whether or not your garage door has been damaged by the hurricane and to what extent. And it’s not safe to inspect or repair such heavy electric garage doors alone. Just for safety reasons, call a pro.

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