When you are looking for new garage door openers, think out of the box. Will a wall mount opener be a good option for you? Or should you stick to the same old same old ceiling mount trolley models? There are pros and cons for either type. The question is which one is best for you!

What garage door openers are all about?

One of the main concerns with overhead garage door openers is their safetygaragedooropenerinstallation features. No matter which door you have and which opener you get, your safety is a priority. Openers make garage doors automatic. And today there are models, which enable you to activate them remotely. The good news is that all branded openers integrate a number of safety features, wall mount openers included. So far so good. But what’s the difference?

Regular trolley belt, screw, and chain drive garage door openers are centrally placed on the ceiling and utilize the rail tracks to activate the movement of the door. Wall mount openers are a different story. Although they still have all safety features needed, they are chosen for different reasons altogether.


When choosing wall mount garage door openers is your only option

Jackshaft OpenerWall mount openers are manufactured by Liftmaster and called jackshaft openers. Instead of placing them on the ceiling, you install them on the side of the door – on the wall. But jackshaft garage door opener installation requires at least 8-inches space on the side. Since they utilize the torsion spring’s shaft, this must be extra strong.

Installing jackshaft openers becomes a must when there are space limitations in the garage. That’s when there is a cathedral ceiling and hence too tall for a conventional trolley model. Or when the ceiling is too low and thus the opener unit won’t provide comfort to tall people or let you park tall cars. Such restrictions leave you no choice but to install garage door openers made to be fitted on the wall.


Why should you deliberately choose a jackshaft garage door opener?

Because it’s good to have a solid garage door torsion spring shaft anyway. And it’s often convenient to have the ceiling space free to install storage units, hang a punching bag, or get a car lift system. With a clear ceiling space, you can do anything you like. Plus, you don’t have the garage door motor over your head. Having direct access to the opener unit without climbing ladders make things easier and safer even when you want to replace the light bulbs.

Jackshaft openers utilize belts. And so their operation is quiet. That’s another advantage worth considering. But remember that apart from the structural limitations, wall mount openers only work with sectional doors. And they cost more than their regular trolley counterparts. All the same, they provide many garage decoration and storage organization options and are still equipped with the latest security and safety innovative features. So if you are planning garage door opener replacement, it’s definitely worth taking a look at these types as well.

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