Decorative garage door hardware includes clavos, strap hinges, and all sorts of handles. And you can find them in several styles, colors, and designs to complement your home’s exterior. There is no doubt that the latest garage doors are not only durable but beautiful too. All the same, the current need to improve the exterior of the home and thus increase the property’s value is not limited to roofing, siding, and other improvement projects but includes all sorts of ways to make garage doors as stylish as possible. And this is easily achieved with hardware.

Garage doors are beautiful today! Why add hardware?

It’s true. Whether you get a barn-style or flat panel garage door, it will be breathtaking! So why should you add extra hardware? Well, one main reason for investing in extra decorations is that you didn’t buy the current door recently. In this case, you will need that little something to spruce up its looks and thus make it more attractive and hence improve the curb appeal.

But you might need extra décor solutions if you have only recently installed a garage door too. It might have a nice color and a pleasant configuration of garage door windows but you might have made separate home improvements – like changing the color of the exterior walls or the window trims. Naturally, you will want to match the garage door to the new home style. So here we go. Decorative hardware will come to the rescue once more.

Or, you might simply like the idea of decorating your overhead garage doors with hardware that will add the architectural detail needed to make a difference. That’s common too.

How to choose decorative garage door hardware

residential-garageSince you have plenty of choices among styles, materials, sizes, and colors, choose according to your home exterior design. Think if you want to accentuate a carriage house style door or decorate a modern door to make a statement. And don’t forget that sometimes hardware increases function as well. Take handles as an example. You need a ring or another style to be able to open the door manually from outside. So, you kill two birds (function & aesthetics) with one stone (decorative hardware).

Don’t take oversized hardware for your door. Their presence is easily noticed from afar. One of the rules of interior design that is applied to exterior decorating ideas too is scale & proportion. Hardware must be proportional to the size of the door or your attempts to decorate the garage door will fail. You should actually make hardware appear natural – as they always belonged there. This way, they will make a difference without screaming for attention.

Extra tips on decorating garage doors with hardware

  • Choose the right hardware for your garage door style. Let’s say you have aglass-garage-door-installation carriage house door. This means you like the traditional, rustic, or barn style and so clavos will add an interesting splash of architectural detail.

Clavos is actually Spanish for spike or nails and so they are excellent decorative elements for traditional wood garage doors.

  • Strap hinges are amazing decorative elements too. They look great when placed at the bottom and top rails. If there are windows, you can place hinges over and below the windows.
  • If you decide to install ring pulls or pull handles, keep them at shoulder height. If you want to give the impression this is a carriage door, place two handles.

As a matter of fact, decorative garage door hardware has become so popular, you can also find magnetic products. That makes things a lot easier since installing traditional hardware takes a great deal of expertise and hard work for precision results. Let alone that your garage door will be drilled; in other words, there will be holes on the door. With magnetic decorative hardware, you can experiment and change the position of the elements any time you feel like it without causing damage to the door. So, that takes garage door decoration to a different level.

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