Although man-made electric systems, garage doors often follow the rules of nature. Some of their parts die faster than others. Some flowers will only last for days. Some of the little ones of the vast animal kingdom will be stronger than their siblings. In spite of the fact that the Darwin law ‘the survival of the fittest’ doesn’t apply in garage door operation, all the same some of this mechanism’s parts need more care than others!

Why some garage door parts need more care?

All garage door parts work very hard. But to call a spade a spade, some work a bit harder. Although they are made of sturdy materials, their jobs often make them prone to damage. Of course, how easily they will break down also depends on:

  • Garage door maintenance frequency
  • Whether or not you choose the right ones
  • Whether or not they are installed properly
  • If they are suitable for your door
  • How often the door is used
  • Whether or not the overhead garage door is operated correctly

The 4 parts which need intensive care

  • Garage door openers

garagedooropenerWhat makes openers susceptible to damage is that they are electric components. A tiny problem with the power, socket, or wiring can cause a complication or failure. And then the garage door opener is not actually one part. The electric system consists of sensors, gears, sprockets, the motor, a chain, and more. If one part breaks down, there will be a problem.

Why is it necessary to take good care of the opener?

a.    It ensures automatic operation

b.    It provides safety

c.    It enhances security

d.    It guarantees convenience


  • Garage door springs

door-springsWhether you have torsion or extension springs, they are coiled. Although the two spring types work in a different way, the coils of both springs somehow stretch and contract. This constant movement renders them weaker as time goes by. That’s why they often need some adjustment. When they lose their flexibility completely, they will be useless. Springs are important parts because they balance the door and also lift and lower it and keep it open. And don’t forget that their lifespan is limited. They are usually made to last for ten or twenty thousand cycles.

Why is it important to take care of the springs?

a.    They enable door movement

b.    If they suddenly break, someone might get hurt

c.    If they are not well-adjusted, the door won’t be balanced


  • Garage door cables

Cables work hand in hand with springs. If they garage door-cables-repairtangled, frayed, or off their drum, the door will sag, get jammed, and won’t move right or not at all. Cables are very strong but they get damaged over time and usually at the same time springs get damaged. If their drum is worn, they are in bad shape, or improperly installed, they might come off.

Why is vital to check and fix cables often?

a.    Cable problems will create problems with the door’s performance

b.    Your safety will be questioned


  • Garage door tracks

Tracks are made of stainless steel today. But if they garage-door-tracksare scratched due to lack of lubrication, for example, they will eventually corrode. They are also often the victims of small domestic accidents, like backing with the car. Bent garage door tracks will keep the rollers from moving right.

Why should you take care of the tracks?

a.    The door will jam if the tracks are bent

b.    The door will bind if the tracks are not aligned

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