When garage door replacement makes you toss and turn at night, don’t lose your sleep over it! There are solutions, budget-friendly choices, and powerful openers out there. Why do we bring up openers? The same reason why you wouldn’t go to a gun fight carrying a knife. If you change the door, it’s best to change the opener and springs too. These are the heavy duty components of the system. Without them, a door will just be another door struggling to go up and down with the support of an outdated garage door opener and worn springs. So allow us to start from the beginning and tell you what to take into account when it’s time to replace your commercial or residential garage doors.


5 factors to consider before replacing garage doors


1. Door type – it’s extremely important to consider the type, especially ifsingel-door this is a new garage door installation. In other words, if this is a door of a new garage. The door type indicates the way it opens. From the traditional hinged doors to sectional, one-piece and roll up garage doors, there are plenty choices. But you must measure with accuracy so that mistakes and thus problems will be avoided.


2. Material – most commercial doors are made of wood. But some retail stores and fire stations would install glass doors. Both wood and glass are also excellent solutions for homes too. They are usually the most expensive materials too. But garage door prices also depend on other factors (brand, insulation, size etc.) so don’t just take that for granted. Other material related options for your home would be vinyl, steel, and aluminum.


3. Insulation – to insulate or not? That’s the most common question lately. The choice is definitely yours and the truth is that energy efficient doors are usually more expensive. But their advantages outnumber this only disadvantage. Let us just say that energy efficient doors are ideal for both warm and cold climates since the idea is to keep indoor temperatures controlled. Need more reasons for insulated garage door installation?


  • You increase the value of your property.
  • They are excellent even for commercial properties where keeping products at controlled temperatures is imperative.
  • You save a lot of energy and thus money and in turn, you help the environment.
  • Energy efficient doors make less noise.
  • In a warm or cool garage, you can spend more time and thus turn it into an office or gym.
  • Whether you choose aluminum or steel garage doors, they will be more durable and thus long-lasting if they are filled with insulation materials.


4. Openers – if it’s time to replace the door, the opener is most likely oldgarage-door-opene too. Don’t keep it. Today, openers are advanced and have many more features to ensure your safety, increase property security, and make automatic operation a piece of pie. Just think that many models work with smartphones and some may be connected to smart home automation systems.


5. Springs – it’s important to replace the torsion or extension springs since chances are that the new door will not weigh the same as the old one. And when it comes to springs, they must have the power to open the door. After all, if your springs break while you keep your brand new overhead door open, it will crash down. Need to say more?

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