The older garage doors get, the more dangerous they become. That’s a generic statement, but true. What do most people think? “Well, as long as my overhead garage door still goes up and down, why should I replace it?” Thinking this way is only natural, but the risks are still there.

On the other hand, you might have an old overhead door but properly maintained. Wouldn’t it make a difference? No doubt about that, but even the best garage doors will one day need replacement. Another example: your garage door might be old but the opener might be new. And so you get all the advantages a modern garage door opener offers. Why should you invest in a new electric garage door? Here’s why.

Garage door accidents

garage_door_repair-beforeThe truth is that residential garage doors do not collapse easily, but it can happen. It always depends on whether they are maintained or not. But this is also subject to the quality and condition of the garage door parts. You see, old garage doors & parts are most likely damaged. Hinges, rollers, tracks, springs, brackets – you name it, all parts wear over the years. Wood garage doors might warp or rot. Aluminum garage doors might dent. Why is your safety at stake? Because the springs might snap. When the material is rotten, it will not withstand high winds and impact either. During a storm, it will buckle and as a result, the whole house will get damaged. The risks are plenty.

Security concerns

Old garage doors might not close well. If they lack reliable locks or a trusted opener, thieves can break in easier. Old materials that have already suffered years of impacts and daily cycles will lose the fight to the well-equipped burglars. Your home will become a target.

Regular troubles

The older your overhead door is, the more demanding it becomes. There’ll be a need for garage door repair rather often. And although it is normal to deal with some problems here and there, it’s not good when they happen often. At one point, it won’t be worth fixing problems and replacing parts. It will cost you less to find a garage door replacement. And don’t forget that regular problems also means regular troubles, safety concerns, and security issues.

Property damage

When your wood carriage house garage door warps, there most likely be some gaps here and there. Naturally, the energy indoors will be compromised and your bills will go up. And then, rainwater will find its way in and most likely cause water damage. If by any chance the garage door collapses, it might fall onto your car. That will be additional damage and expense. And it will cause property damage too. That’s an extra expense.

With old age comes trouble. And when it comes to old garage doors, the risks are plenty and pretty severe. Why take chances? Yes, you can keep them running up and down for quite many years by maintaining them and replacing the old garage door tracks, springs, rollers or the opener. But at some point, you need to think things over. Is it worth investing in an old garage door when you can find a new one that will better meet your current needs? That’s food for thought.

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