Amarr is one of the top garage door manufacturers worldwide. It is distinguished for its quality, garage door options, style and tendency to offer patented solutions. So, what’s the latest from Amarr? What would you say if we told you that there are spring-less garage doors? What would you think about sectional doors which cannot cause injuries? The news is fascinating!

Think about it! What are the most common reasons for garage door accidents? Garage Door Service & Repair Houston knows by fact that people often get hurt by springs. Since all overhead doors have springs and tracks, maintenance is needed often. Garage door springs must be checked and their problems can keep the door on the floor or crash it down. The smallest obstruction in the tracks will jam the door and pop it off.

How often do you hear that people injure their fingers in the garage door sections? Thousands of people have such accidents simply by putting their hands in the sections of the door when they try to bring it down manually. Of course, they could use handles but as the statistics show, they don’t. They keep injuring their fingers in the sections and in between garage door tracks and rollers. Amarr brings these problems to an end!

Two marvelous garage door ideas

technicianAmarr garage doors have a safe guard system. The company has given attention to these parts of the door which have become a threat to people’s safety. The sections, end and center hinges, and the bottom brackets are different. With its pinch protection sections, Amarr presents sectional doors without gaps in between panels. So, even if you would want to put your fingers in there, there would be no space. The panels are connected with special center garage door hinges, which allow to the door to move properly and smoothly without leaving gaps among panels. End hinges are equally protective since they enable good garage door operation without leaving room for fingers. The bottom brackets are tamper-resistant keeping homeowners from removing them and accidentally releasing the tension of the spring/cable system as well.

Would you like a new spring-less, track-less and rail-less garage door for your home in Houston? Amarr has the solution. The idea of the company’s Trento line comes straight from Italy. The door consists of two sections and overlaps. It just folds in two and is ideal for limited spaces. It looks good and is a brand new technology! Who doesn’t love new technologies, especially if they save you from accidents, maintenance and trouble!

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