Garage door replacement projects have been at the top of the home improvement list for quite some time now and as it seems, they will continue to triumph this year too. The only difference is that the trends change, and that’s natural.

The dawn of 2020 marks the beginning of a new year, but also of a newwooden two car garage door decade. It’s that little twist we don’t feel in our everyday lives but it’s really happening out there and secretly influences all aspects of life. Garage doors, too. While great fires & tsunamis threaten the planet and the debates about the climate are still on the table, we the people declare eco-conscious and do the best possible to put our thoughts in practice. At the same time, technology gets more ambitious, promising flying cars and brain microchips. And such radical improvements that occur right under our noses have a great impact on the garage door trends for 2020 and onwards, too. So, what should we expect from the garage door world in 2020?

Smart garage doors

The world of garage door openers cannot remain unaffected by the changes in the world of technology. The advanced openers may not be the new guys in town, but their ongoing and fast popularity is. Since the first marketing rule of supply & demand still applies today, opener manufacturers keep getting inspired by new technology and amaze us with their products. With so many apps in our lives, using an app to open the overhead garage door becomes a must.

The ability to check the status of your residential garage door no matter where you are and the increased security that comes with smart openers both constitute to the enhanced popularity of such products. What we expect to see in 2020 is more smart openers and more homeowners buying them.

Eco garage doors

People’s eco-consciousness drives them to invest in insulated garage doors. Just like smart openers, energy efficient garage doors are not an innovation but they get better and better. What’s more, people keep getting more and more interested in insulation solutions even if the garage door prices go up. Perhaps, we realized that an insulated overhead door will not only save us money by cutting down our energy costs, but will also keep our home more comfortable and the planet healthier.

Glass garage doors come to make a difference too. Just the natural light that penetrates through the glass panel is enough to make such doors an attractive solution for the environmentally-friendly folks. Faux and reclaimed wood garage doors triumph too. Anything we can do to keep the forests intact.

Trendy garage door designs

carrige_garage_doorThe garage door designs make a comeback. Classic designs, like carriage house garage doors enjoy their 15 minutes – that will most likely last much more than that. And there’s a reason for that. Today, we live in a world where we are free to wear anything we like and decorate in any way we please. Old and new deco trends mix and match to create an elegant vintage look for both interiors and exteriors. The same trends apply to the garage door styles. The garage door colors in 2020 are darker, the styles are bolder, and the design is classic. People appreciate the charm of the old classics but today they have choices. They don’t necessarily have to get a wood but also a steel garage door camouflaged with wood grains. The look of carriage styles creates interest, while the movement of the garage door is easy thanks to the openers of the latest technology.

So, the garage door trends for 2020 are fascinating. After all, they include everything: style, options, high-technology, and eco solutions. It’s a good start!

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