Two cars garage doors are double and the best option for properties, where large size doors are more convenient or the vehicles are too big for standard single doors. All the same, the double garage door sizes are not all the same. The size ranges to meet the needs of each property. But what you choose doesn’t depend only on which vehicle you drive. It also depends on the size of the garage. Unless you are looking for new garage solutions. In each and every case, the help of a professional will be invaluable. And here at GDS Repair, we make the life of all customers in Houston TX easy by arranging a first meeting with a pro before scheduling the new door’s installation.

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Which are the standard garage door sizes when you want to fit two cars? Assuming that this is an average ceiling height, your options bounce between 16 x 7, 15 x 7, 14 x 7, and 12 x 7 feet. Of course, there are custom sizes if you need an even bigger door. These double door sizes are excellent solutions if you need to park two cars and you dislike or simply don’t prefer having two single garage doors. Two-car garage doors are also ideal for those who want to have enough space at their disposal even if they only park one car, or want to park a car and a bike with ease, or their car is too big to fit in a single garage door. Need a tech for garage door inspection, consultation, and solutions? Call us now here at Garage Door Service and Repair Inc.

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Our team will make arrangements for a tech to come and offer a new garageDouble Garage Door 1 door estimate. Experienced with all door types and sizes, the pro will be able to provide quotes but also solutions for you. If standard double garage door sizes do not meet your requirements, there are always custom solutions tailored to your needs. The pros are available to measure the existing garage and provide you with options. In case you plan to build a garage, the expert will still provide you with the info you need to get the right size garage that will fit the right size two-car door.

Let us assure you that the pros working with our company have great experience in double garage door installation. They will fit correctly any door you choose along with all its parts and opener. Find out more about double garage door sizes and options in Houston, Texas. Call us now.

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