Every part of the world experiences different weather conditions and garage doors must be chosen accordingly. Mind you that the climate changes. In fact, it changes with rapid steps lately. Cities, which have never seen tornados, must take precaution measures now. For good and for bad, we always have to adapt to the new reality and that’s why there are so many choices among garage doors.

Storm garage doors are produced to cover the needs of hurricane-prone areas. They are usually made by extremely durable low gauge steel and garage door tracks are reinforced with numerous brackets in order to keep the door intact during the strong winds. They are also reinforced by extra steel bars at their inner side which strengthen the resistance of the door. Homes in such areas must follow the local and national building codes for higher protection from hurricanes and the first thing they must reinforce is their garage doors.

Make sure your garage door is strong

hurricane-proofThe problem with garage doors is related to their size. They are too big and winds, which run with hundreds of miles per hour, can just easily blow them away. If this happens, the whole house will soon be destroyed. Though, the question is not whether you need a wind load overhead door if you reside in a hurricane prone area. In this case, this is a must. The question is whether you will need one if you live in an area with no hurricanes up to now. In the years of its experience, Garage Door Service & Repair Houston has seen the terrible consequences of tornados or even very strong winds to garage doors. Remember that the strong winds of hurricanes keep travelling for miles inland spreading disaster in their path.

If your house is not under direct threat by a hurricane, you don’t need ahurricane-resistant wind load garage door but still you will need to be prepared. Our company in Houston encourages you to be prepared. Garage doors need to be strong for other reasons anyhow. It’s always better to have low gauge steel garage door parts, which will be durable enough to keep the door resistant to winds. If the door is sufficiently durable, it won’t be damaged by flying elements during winds either. You may not add extra bars behind the door, but you can have an extra strong door with equally strong parts. If you also keep it well maintained, all you have to do in case of an emergency is trust our company for its reinforcement.

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