Although garage door replacement is far from easy, you won’t be tortured by one thousand questions regarding your choices. Such projects take some time and definitely good research. But their level of difficulty is grounded compared to when you are seeking garage doors for a new construction. In this case, one of the most common headaches is finding the right type. Why is this vital? Because garage door types determine the way the door is opening. Choose the wrong one and you will get yourself in a lot of trouble. On the other hand, there is no need to worry. The differences between garage door types are too clear to miss.


Sectional garage doors

Garage doorSectional doors are the most popular type. They are the ones you see in most properties. They utilize either a torsion spring or extension springs and are attached to rollers which in turn move in vertical and horizontal tracks to carry the door from the floor overhead to the ceiling. In its opening position, the overhead door lies exactly beneath the ceiling. And so it’s very important to measure the garage’s depth, known as backroom.

These overhead garage doors are called sectional because they consist of several horizontal panels, which are hinged together. This allows them to move up and turn and move parallel to the ceiling. This is also helpful because in the event of panel damage, it can be replaced. Sectional doors are popular because they hardly require too much space in the garage and no space in the driveway. They are electric garage doors and that means that they are automatically activated by openers. They can be insulated or not. You can find them in all materials, ranging from wood and metal to glass garage doors and all kinds of styles, ranging from raised panel to flush panel doors.


Roll up garage doors

Rollup garage doors are usually made of steel or aluminum. They featureOverhead Garage Door Repair Houston a barrel over the opening where the door rolls in and where the spring is found. They come in several sizes and the good thing about them is that they occupy no space and so they are excellent for small spaces. There isn’t one kind of rolling door either. There are the traditional roll up residential garage doors but commercial applications use variations, like security and counter shutters, service doors, or sheet doors. They can also be insulated and are manufactured with automatic operation.


Carriage hinged garage doors

carriage_garage_doorTraditional carriage garage doors are hinged. They consist of two doors, which swing outwards and don’t always utilize a garage door opener. These types of doors are not convenient, especially to those who use the door many times a day but also to those with limited space outdoors. In order for the doors to swing out, they need sufficient space and no car parked too close to them. That’s not convenient at all. But their rustic vintage look has an appeal to many people and so today you can find overhead doors, which have the appearance of barn style doors.


One-piece garage doors

One-piece garage doors are also called up & over doors. As their namesteel_garage_door_installation_houston implies, they are monolithic panels and so need lots of space to move. Just like sectional doors, they finally find their place parallel to the ceiling. But their entire movement is different. Instead of traveling straight up, they move slightly outwards with the bottom part of the panel protruding and then they move under the ceiling. Under this category, you will find two types which work with different gears.

  • The canopy geared up and over doors utilize vertical tracks to move and their spring system is found on the top of the frame. When the door is opening, one-third of the panel protrudes forming a canopy.
  • Retractable gearing up and over doors run on horizontal tracks, which are extended in the garage. These types utilize side garage door springs and can operate with an electric opener.

The problem with one-piece doors is space requirements. If you lack space in the driveway or have just enough space to park the car when you want to leave it outside, these doors are not for you. If you prefer this type though, you can find one-piece PVC, wood, and steel garage doors.

Before you choose garage doors, measure your space. You might like the idea of getting an up and over door but have not enough space for it. But even overhead garage door installation demands some space requirements. So do pay attention to such details before your order the garage door.

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