Why Garage Door Curb Appeal Matters?

By occupying a large space of each home’s façade, garage doors cannot help but influencing the curb appeal. The garage door curb appeal will play a big role in the home’s curb appeal. Read More

The Best Solutions for Long-Lasting Garage Doors

Getting a new garage door is an exciting moment in everyone’s life. But it’s also an expense, and indeed a considerable one. So, the effort here is to tell you how to keep the existing overhead garage door in good shape for as long as possible. Read More

Time for Garage Door or Opener Replacement?

Let’s start with a fact. Most garage doors today are automatic. In other words, they work with an electric opener. Here’s another fact. When the garage door stops working, there is more than one reason for the problem. Simply put, it’s not always the opener’s fault.

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Garage Door Trends for 2020

Garage door replacement projects have been at the top of the home improvement list for quite some time now and as it seems, they will continue to triumph this year too. The only difference is that the trends change, and that’s natural. Read More

Why Wind Load Garage Doors & Hardware Make a Difference

Are you questioning the importance of reinforced garage doors in hurricane-prone areas? Time to reconsider. Just picture the force of winds running with speeds of at least 80 mph. That’s fast and only the average speed of winds during category 1 hurricanes. Let’s fast forward to category 5 hurricanes. The wind speed is at least 157 mph and often reaches 200 mph. While you are thinking of the catastrophic effects of such storms and hurricanes, think about your residential garage doors too. Read More

Small Tips to Avoid Big Garage Door Repairs

Some garage door repairs here and there are not avoidable. Every garage door owner knows that parts wear and need to be replaced at one point. Mishaps happen. Anything from bad weather to wear may arise the need for repairs. But dealing with some minor issues is totally different from facing urgent situations. And your concern should not be only about the cost of the garage door repair service, but primarily your safety. Read More

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